If it were impossible to pray in distracting occupations or in the presence of other people, then, of course, we would not have been commanded to pray always. St John Chrystostom says the following in his teaching about prayer: “No one can excuse himself from prayer under the pretext that he is occupied with daily cares or is not able to be in church. Everywhere, no matter where you find yourself, you can erect an altar to God in your heart by means of prayer.” And so it is convenient to pray while traveling or at a market, trying to buy or sell something, or sitting behind one’s trade; everywhere without exception it is possible to pray……. it is possible to pray at all times and under all circumstances, and gradually to pass from frequent vocal prayer to mental prayer and eventually to the Prayer of the heart and the realization that the kingdom of God is within. (Excerpt from The Pilgrim Continues His Way)


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